Our Story

Thank You

Our brand’s journey ended in 2020, but we’re proud of our achievements nonetheless!

Our first massive thank you goes to our customers.
Some of you guys came back to our online store again and again, and it didn’t pass unnoticed.

Thank you to our awesome ambassadors, who helped us spread the diving love and asked for nothing in return: Cristina Zenato, Stefan Andrews, Ellis Emmett, Rebecca Coales, and Sara Campbell.

Thank you to those diving industry’s key people who believed in Divesangha, despite the odds: Alex (Diver magazine), Nick (London School of Diving), Stephen (DeeperBlue), Mark (Scuba Diver magazine), Roz (The Underwater Marketing Company), Sam (Samphire Marketing + Web), Beci (UK Freediving Team), and Davide, Diletta and Mario in Sicily (Blu Tek Diving, Marettimo).

Finally, thank you to all the friends & family members who supported us, and all the divers we’ve met along the way – all over the world.
You’ve all been part of our adventure.

Why Divesangha?

Divesangha was a brand born out of passion. Being scuba divers and designers, we wanted to create an ethically produced clothing brand that resonated with ocean lovers. Products had to be functional, practical and long-lasting to answer the many needs of people who spend time by the sea.

We designed with longevity in mind, hoping to influence the market and raise awareness against the throwaway trend of cheap fashion.

We wanted Divesangha’s products to be stylish – not garish and tasteless. Timeless – not meant to last one season or end up in a charity shop two weeks after a holiday. Wearable by all – not just divers.