Stefan Andrews


Marine Scientist, Conservationist / Underwater Videographer

Stefan Andrews is a marine scientist, conservationist and underwater videographer from Adelaide, South Australia. Over the past decade Stefan has averaged a dive a day. Since his first breaths underwater, his life has been dedicated to diving and exploring the underwater world. As a marine scientist, Stefan specialized in temperate reef ecology. His field research has led him to explore the extensive coastline of Southern Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania. As a PADI and SSI scuba instructor, he has worked on the Great Barrier Reef and several locations in Southeast Asia.

In 2013, Stefan was awarded the Our World Underwater Scholarship Society Rolex Scholarship. As a Rolex scholar, Stefan gained experience in a wide variety of underwater disciplines with specialists from all over the world. Throughout 2013 and 2014, the scholarship took Stefan to Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, The Philippines, The Maldives, Bermuda, The Bahamas, The Falkland Islands, South Georgia and The USA on a journey filled with scuba diving related training and experiences. Currently, Stefan’s interests lie strongly in marine conservation and awareness through education, especially in developing countries. As an ocean advocate, he believes in the power of diving and underwater video to connect people to their environment.

Watch Stefan talking about his experience as the 2013-14 Australasia Rolex OWUSS Scholar:


Favourite place above water
The Sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia in the Southern Atlantic Ocean. Sitting on the beach surrounded by thousands of king penguins and fur seals, watching them gracefully emerge from the cool waters while elephant seals laze about and roll around in the sun. 

Favourite place below water
Raja Ampat, West Papua. This region was recently discovered as having the highest marine life diversity in the world with new species being discovered all the time. As you dive in this remote paradise, you are constantly surrounded by abundant meadows of healthy soft and hard corals densely packed with unique and cryptic critters. No two dives here are even remotely similar and it's definitely a place where I want to spend a lot more time in the near future.

Favourite sea animal
The iconic South Australian Leafy Sea Dragon. This was the first animal which really captured my attention while learning to dive in South Australia. There's something very special and touching about watching these majestic animals dance gracefully around the seaweed meadows that they blend in so well with.

Diving has taught me…
Diving has enabled me to make a deep connection with our planet through the ocean. It has taught me about the beauty of all life and the elaborate complexities of the many species we share this planet with.