Sara Campbell


Four Times Freediving World Record Holder / Freediving, Meditation & Yoga Teacher 

Sara has trained her body, but more importantly her mind, to perform the ‘impossible’ – diving to over 100m below the surface of the ocean on just one breath. Her secret? Meditation and yoga.

The only way to dive to such depths is to completely relax, and to completely relax in such a seemingly hostile environment, one must completely accept the ocean as home.

For Sara this is the purest – and only – way to enjoy the wondrous gift of our underwater playground. When we enter the ocean on one breath, in our most vulnerable, naked state, we see that she takes care of us. She offers herself to us as our greatest teacher.

To freedive we must strip ourselves of our belief that we are superior to Mother Nature, we must let go. If we can achieve this the Soul recognises and cannot forget the beauty of experiencing its own freedom. That one perfect freedive can teach us more about ourselves, life, harmony, humility and surrender than years of meditation and spiritual practice.

Sara has been practicing and teaching Kundalini Yoga for ten years and is living, and - most of the time - breathing proof of the power that yoga has to help us transform and excel in all areas of our lives. We just need to take the first step, onto the meditation mat, or into the ocean. It is one and the same thing. Welcome.

Sara runs private and bespoke yoga, meditation and freediving retreats and courses in her hometown of Dahab, Egypt, and around the world. She is working on her first book on meditation, and continues to develop her own practice through retreats and training in Kundalini Yoga.

Let Sara give you a quick lesson on how to breath properly:


Favourite place above water
Dahab's mountains, wadis and the laguna. I thought I was drawn to Dahab because of the ocean, but actually I find as much peace, beauty and joy in the mountainous desert, watching my dogs run free, exploring her secrets and dissolving into her silence...

Favourite place below water
Anywhere below 60m in the Blue Hole, where I can experience that indescribable Ocean Hug, and wonder at the light dancing through the Arch on an early morning dive… If I weren't already holding my breath, I'd say it was 'breath-taking'!

Favourite sea animal
Just one??? Not possible…. the obvious dolphins, whale sharks, mantas, turtles, but also the less obvious - baby calamari, masked Puffers (fish pretending to be Batman!), clouds of Antheus around a soft coral… the beauty is in Nature itself and the harmony which we are allowed to experience when we share their ocean with them.

Diving has taught me…
That when I let go of a need to control, and can relax into who I really am, the magic of life really starts to happen.

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