Rebecca Coales


UK Pool Freediving Champion / Divemaster / Yoga Teacher / Environmental Scientist

I've been splashing around in water since I was only a few months old. I'd spend most of my childhood holidays snorkelling and then when I reached fourteen I was allowed to take my Open Water course, by then a budding marine biologist. I went on to become an Environmental Scientist and in my twenties took the Divemaster course.

I've been lucky enough to dive in some of the most beautiful places on earth and experience mind-blowing interactions with wildlife - eye to eye with a dwarf Minke whale, my first manta, staring into the mouth of a Great White shark. I have huge respect for nature and wish I could live more 'in the moment' like the creatures around us. Each day when I sit at my desk I wish I was in the water. I'm not fussy what kind of water - a pool will do! I train as a competitive pool freediver four or five times a week. I've set three national records in swimming underwater breaststroke on one breath (known as Dynamic No Fins) and in March 2014 became UK pool champion. In the summer I freedive for fun, surf and visit my favourite UK dive sites with scuba friends. I'm busy year-round keeping physically and mentally prepared to get the most out of my diving. I teach yoga and coach divers in getting fit and maintaining good health.

With my lifestyle I need my clothes to be as effortless and stylish as my dives. That's why I'm proud to be an ambassador for Divesangha and the growing community of divers who want to express their connection to the sea with style and minimal environmental impact.

Watch Rebecca break the DNF UK record:


Favourite place above water:
The mountains and forests of New Zealand

Favourite place under water:
Osprey Reef on the Great Barrier Reef (and the SS Yongala)

Favourite sea animal:
Tiger shark (which I've yet to meet but would love to some day)

Diving has taught me…
That we cannot master the oceans or wildlife, so best to become part of it rather than fear or fight it. Freediving has taught me to relax, accept myself and let the water hold me... It's so liberating!

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