About ECONYL® Yarn

The Time Has Come To Clean Up Our Act

As we all know, waste is a by-product of any industrial production. Whether that is pre-consumer or post-consumer there is little doubt that our planet is drowning in a sea of waste from oil based, man made materials.

What if we could somehow turn this concept upside down?

This is exactly the idea behind the ECONYL® brand, to reduce the amount of global nylon waste by collecting it from landfills and oceans and feeding it back into production cycles. This never ending process is proved and certified to produce a more sustainable yarn than the one coming from fossil raw material. It allows to give new life to waste, precisely fishing nets and old carpet, that would otherwise remain...waste. Besides, this process is safe and guarantees the purity and high quality of the yarn produced.

The ECONYL® yarn is 100% regenerated and 100% performance. 

Using ECONYL® products will help to preserve natural resources by avoiding the extraction of crude oil, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption and by recovering waste material that would otherwise be dumped into landfills or abandoned in nature. 
As a nature lover, by choosing products made with ECONYL® yarn, you will also help the many initiatives that this process of nylon regeneration has launched, from recovering ghost fishing nets from our oceans to collecting huge amount of carpet waste.

ECONYL® based products are not only eco friendly and sustainable, they are actually so beautiful that they redefine the whole idea of “recycled”. Long gone are the days when recycled meant rough and unrefined, we are already in a new era.

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Source: Aquafil / ECONYL® is a trademark of Aquafil S.p.A.
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