About You

What about me?

How could anyone possibly say anything interesting about me just because I'm visiting their website...
If you made it here and you're reading this you might as well be a scuba diver, a free diver or simply someone who loves the ocean - which makes you a rather special person. "Of course I'm special, just what I wanted to hear"...but the reality is that you truly might be special. 

Divers are special people, no question about it.
As a diver you have the privilege to join the only ultimate frontier of wilderness, the oceans. Humans have explored every corner of the earth but that's just 30% of it, the remaining 70%, the oceans, is still an uncharted world. You enter that world as visitor to look at unseen seascapes, majestic pelagics and weird critters, to literally soak in the beauty and the truth of that world and to come back from that experience as a different person. The ocean has the power to change you and make you special. 

It's all about you because as a diver & ocean lover you can be part of an important change to bring awareness to people who still don't understand how important our oceans and their inhabitants are. You can become an ambassador for the ocean.

What's this got to do with Divewear then?! 
As designers at Divesangha we want to serve you, special people, ocean ambassadors. 
We want to understand your needs & wishes and give you clothing that fit your lifestyle, aspirations and mission.
We're open to ideas, so do get in touch.

It's all about you, really.


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