Marettimo here we come...

May 12, 2017

Marettimo here we come...

Team Divesangha is soon heading out for a photo shoot, this time to sunny Sicily.
Flying from London to Palermo we'll then transfer to Trapani and then again to the   island of Marettimo, the wildest, tallest and purest of the Egadi islands.

Up until visiting the BOOT show in February we hardly knew about Marettimo and we certainly didn't know it was an excellent diving destination.
At BOOT we met Davide and Diletta from Blu Tek Diving, one of the dive centres on the island, and their enthusiasm and love for this incredibly beautiful island was so sincere that we immediately felt drawn to it.

Although the island was known in ancient Greek and Roman times, the name Marettimo apparently comes from combining the words "mare", sea, with "timo", the herb thyme - that apparently grows very abundantly in Marettimo. There is only one street and almost no cars. You can circle the island by boat in one & half hours and some of the beautiful coves, called "cale", are only reachable by boat. The water is that deep, intense blue colour that only the Med has. Marettimo also lacks the touristy feel of the other Egadi islands, Favignana and Levanzo, and with it the usual slight snobbery of the Italian seaside scene. It couldn't be more perfect for us.

We are going to Marettimo with the intention to tell a story, feeling that the unspoiled environment will complement our designs and colours.

After all we designed Calypso with the Mediterranean Sea in mind and our new DS Dry range is perfect for island life.

This time we will be too busy to experience the diving at Marettimo but our models, Chris and Grace, will be able to.
We are even more excited about them diving than if we were diving ourselves!
As usual, we will have our long time friend Nick Wood behind the lens. Being a competitive sailing pro Nick understands light and water like no other.

So, come back and have a look at our new pics when we return from our trip at the end of May! In the  meantime, if you're interested in Sicily, may we suggest you watch the excellent Inspector Montalbano tv series if you haven't already?

A presto,

Lucia & Tom