Introducing DS Dry

June 02, 2017

Introducing DS Dry

Seawater, fresh water, pool water, even bath and shower water, we all love getting wet but as soon as we’re out of the water we want to be dry. The feeling of wet skin, unless it's truly hot and sunny, isn't exactly pleasant.
Getting dry is always a bit of a problem for divers. We always have enough to worry about and usually we accept the slight discomfort that is associated with clammy skin and with wearing semi-wet clothes all day long.

We started to address this annoying pain point with our changing poncho in 2014. When we introduced it to divers at the NEC Dive Show we received mixed reactions. Some people understood it immediately, while some literally asked us what it was! 

The changing poncho itself has actually been around for a while (for surfers), but we restyled it and made it lightweight. Not to mention the addition of our HungDry system!

We also gave it a two sides bag for your wet and dry, eliminating the need to bring a plastic bag for wet swimwear.
Our poncho gives you the privacy to change, dries you from head to toe and protects you from the occasional chill. It's also large enough that you can throw it on a lounge chair or on the beach. It will not add a massive amount of weight (it weighs approximately 700gr) and volume to your holiday packing, making it perfect for travelling.

It is now our best selling product and it became obvious to us that we needed to add a few more products to complement it.

The first one is a towel, much similar to the towel that we also proposed  in 2014. Back then we only produced a few and sold out quickly. Our yoga mat size towel will be back in stock in mid June and will feature our updated Hung Dry silicone tags. It's going to be available in black, light blue, pink and pale orange. It also has the same double sided bag as our poncho.

Thinking about girls we also designed a super simple kaftan made of microfibre. We particularly focused on day divers needs...what do you wear to step on the boat in the morning, between dives and on your boat journey back?
Our DS Dry Kaftan answers all those needs in terms of covering you up but it also dries you -  a bit like our poncho but definitely more of a fashion item. You can wear a pair of shorts and a bikini top under your kaftan or just throw it on your swimwear - it's cute, discreet and functional at the same time. It's going to be available in one-size-fits-all in black, pink and light blue.

We then thought about long hair, another problem for girls, so we designed our own hair towel. Usually these towels are white and belong in the bathroom. Our hair towel belongs on the beach, the dive boat, the pool. For this product we thought about liveaboard divers and how you deal with going straight from the diving deck to lunch in the dry lounge without a trip to your cabin to get a hair clip and an extra towel. You will also avoid ending up with a wet neck!
Our hair towel is going to be available in light blue and pink.

Of course all the products feature our Hung Dry system and are easy to care for.

By the way, you might be aware of the issue with releasing micro fibres into the environment every time we wash synthetic materials. This is a problem that textile and clothing manufacturers will soon have to face but the solution doesn't come easy. Some people are suggesting we totally switch back to natural fabrics but even the cotton, wool and linen industries cause environmental problems. The reality is that we will not stop using synthetic fibres any time soon, so what can we do?

The clothing company Patagonia - always at the forefront of environmental solutions - is already working with a start up to help create a filtering bag in which to keep your clothes when machine washing. Later on this year it looks like the microfibre catching Cora Ball will also be released (currently seeking investment on Kickstarter). While these products might not become available so soon, we can already start washing our clothes a bit less, using colder water and a lower spinning setting to minimise shedding. It will not solve the problem entirely but it’s something. What could also help is to buy clothes wisely, choosing better quality over low price and keeping clothes for longer.

DS Dry can be pre-ordered now, we will be able to dispatch the first order around mid June.

Let's go and get wet!