Inspire a girl to try diving...

July 15, 2017

Inspire a girl to try diving...

Happy Women's Dive Day!

Exactly ten years ago a researcher at Hull University called Mandy Shackleton wrote a report stating that, after observing a large number of scuba divers in action, she could clearly say that women made better divers than men.
I've always been interested in the topic because I think our beloved sport could still do with more girls and that girls interested in diving should be more encouraged.
If we are really more skilled than men shouldn't we take more of an active role to inspire other girls to dive?!

Over the last few years the attitude has however shifted.
We see more girls on the cover of diving magazines, more girls taking on inspirational roles and an explosion of interest on social media (if you're not a member of the Facebook group Girls That Scuba you should become one).
Scuba diving, free diving, conservation, UW photography, girls are present more than ever but it's still not enough to counteract and finally tone down the macho aspects of the diving industry, attracting more and more people to the sport.

At Divesangha we hold this (probably) crazy belief that more divers are needed to increase awareness for our oceans and to change its destiny for the better. Of course the diving industry has an impact on the environment too but we're talking about an industry that thrives on nature and wildlife being protected and preserved so it's in their interest to improve their practice, to be more and more eco-minded, more and more sustainable.
More divers might as well mean "more women divers".

Mandy Shackleton in her 2007 report stated that women have better buoyancy control, because their higher percentage of body fat makes them more buoyant.
They have a better ability to see and adapt to the bigger picture, reading the environment in its entirety.
They are more respectful towards the environment and marine life.
They make better use of their lower body strength, which can be key to getting less tired and save precious air.
In general, women need less air and this increases safety for both themselves and their buddies.
Women are also more safety conscious, more caring and's in their hormones.
Ultimately, they're better communicators. The report states they are better non-verbal communicators but I think they are simply better at expressing themselves!

So, if you're a girl diver, why not inspiring a girlfriend to try diving?!

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Happy diving,