Diving will save the world...seriously?

February 26, 2015

Diving will save the world...seriously?

In the ever growing world of inspiring quotes I read things like”Yoga will save the world”, Art will save the world” or “Beauty will save the world”. Just because I love the sea so much I have been pondering about what would happen if more people were diving and I came up with my own (hopefully) inspiring quote… ”Diving will save the world”.

What the hell, why not?  Think about it, there is a long list of benefits we would all get if more of us jumped in and experienced the ocean a bit more:

1. Diving makes you more aware of the environment and how precious it is to protect our planet. 

As a diver you’ll automatically become an Earth advocate.

2. Diving gets you closer to science. 

Brush up your physics, math, chemistry and biology as you "study" for your Open Water. It will do you good and it will make you fall in love with real science, the one that explains what we can experience directly in our everyday life. This is a good thing because without science we can not save the world in a any possible way.

3. Diving makes you an artist too. 

Underwater photography can be highly technical but you’ll need to develop the eye of an artist to produce beautiful shots. Then you'll spread your art and inspire others…everyone can understand it and it’s not sold in galleries for thousands of pounds, euros or dollars. 

4. Diving makes you happy, it’s a no-brainer. 

Happy people make better people. No anger, no hatred, more peace. 

5. Diving changes you as a human being. 

Once you’ve shared the blue with sea creatures, small or big, and once you’ve experienced the freedom of being in the water, you'll remember exactly where you come from. 
Maybe that’ll make you more humble and mindful.

6. Diving makes you love animals even more and inspire you to protect them.

The feeling we have when - for example - we encounter a whale shark or make eye contact with a seal is wonder, joy, elation and love. What we love, we protect.

7. Diving makes us equal. 

Underwater we all look the same, especially wearing a wetsuit and a mask. We also look goofy, which is a good thing. Even a top model looks goofy in diving gear, no matter how slim & beautiful he or she is.

8. Diving breaks barriers, physical and mental. 

In the water we are free, even if we have what on the ground we call a physical disability. 

9. Diving make us better consumers. 

Once you’ve seen how much damned plastic - and rubbish in general - ends up in the ocean and on beaches you’ll be compelled to make better choices.

10. Diving helps us get in touch with our spiritual side. 

Beyond religion, beyond what’s good or bad, the sea will show you “the bigger picture” and you’ll find your place in it. We might be a drop in the ocean or dust in the wind but still part of an infinite, unfathomable, wondrous universe.
The cynics will say that diving is expensive and that is dangerous. Unfortunately diving isn’t exactly cheap, but what is these days.
As for being dangerous, it’s certainly less dangerous than driving your car or riding your bicycle in central London (and we still love to do it nonetheless). 

Crazy thinking or could you possibly agree with me just a little?

Love, peace & great diving,