The (SMALL) gifts for Divers dilemma

December 12, 2014

The (SMALL) gifts for Divers dilemma

Three weeks to Christmas and the usual gift dilemma.

You might have to do a small gift to a diver and you’re out of ideas.

There are a few scenarios to deal with when it comes to gifts for divers:

Scenario 1 = The experienced diver

Someone who has all the kit and hardly needs something new. Unless you know exactly what they want, it’s best not to venture into expensive territory. They might be disappointed if you don’t get the right gear and they might not be able to hide it either!

Scenario 2 = The beginner diver

Someone who has just a started diving and is absolutely enthusiastic about anything diving.
The problem is, they might need basic gear and that doesn’t come cheap.
One thing that divers do have in common is that most of the time they have to travel to get their diving fix. Travelling divers are not difficult to please, you just need to be a bit creative.
You might like some of our little ideas, pretty much borrowed from the world of trekking, mountaineering and the outdoors in general.


We love Flight 001, it’s super fun, reasonably priced and they have great attention to details, Check their website.


If you haven’t heard of Buff Wear, they do a pretty cool neck protector. It’s perfect for those days on the boat, in the heavy sun. Great for neck and head protection against harmful UV and it comes in a huge range of designs.


I always cringe if and when I get on a live aboard and they hand me a plastic bottle. I don’t care if it says that it’s biodegradable, because actually it’s not. It might take 10 years to melt into water and release what most certainly is harmful chemicals. I really do not like that, so I bring my own. I like theone from Vapur because it gets down to nothing, it’s light and it does a really good job.


We found this by chance and tested it…in the house, not thinking about our poor cat. It scared him s***tless! If you happen to need help in the water and it’s hard to be seen, this whistle from Life Systems will certainly attract somebody’s attention. It’s seriously powerful.


Divers always have lots of stuff to carry around, especially photographers. We found these really interesting ties from Nite Ize that can be used anywhere, to bundle cables up, to keep anything attached to rails or lines. They are waterproof and UV resistant.


Of course we don’t want to have to use it but a First Aid kit is a must for any outdoors enthusiasts. The one from Life Systems seems pretty good.


Who doesn’t need a dry bag? Dry bags are not only bags to obviously keep your stuff dry, they also double up as safety devices and you should always have one with you on the boat. We like the ones from Over Board.

You might want to visit our shop for some cool T-shirt, but that goes by itself…

Happy Christmas shopping!