How to keep your clothes dry and avoid a wet bum...our Hung Dry system

May 17, 2014

How to keep your clothes dry and avoid a wet bum...our Hung Dry system

When I did my Divemaster course in Koh Tao I remember spending an entire month in a little beach hut with the most basics amenities. It was total bliss but the washing & drying of my clothes was a problem. I had a line hanging on my porch but pegs kept disappearing.

I used the two metal hangers provided in my abode but my T-shirts would end up with funny raised shoulders, worse than peg marks. The same year I made it to my first liveaboard, Thailand and Burma, aboard a fantastic but rather basic boat called Genesis that offered up to 5 dives a day. The thought of changing from wet swimwear into damp clothes 5 times a day gave me the chills even when the temperature outside was 28 degrees Celsius, so I was spending the entire day in my wetsuit. For the rest of the trip I became known as Miss Wetsuit.

The reality was that I was tying to avoid the "wet bum" syndrome that a lot of divers suffer from on trips like this. I preferred being uncomfortable (but ready for my next dive) in my wetsuit rather than uncomfortable in my damp clothes that would never dry properly.
The key is not to avoid getting wet, which is close to impossible on a sea adventure. The key is being able to dry your clothes quickly and without the risk that the wind will blow them away. The key is also to find a spot with a little breeze because humidity is your number one enemy.
Hence the need to secure your clothes, hence finding out that our Hung Dry system does work.

Do you suffer from "wet bum" syndrome?
Do you find hanging your clothes to dry a problem?
Of course we're not saying that this is a problem that everyone has, maybe it's just a problem for humidity challenged people like me ... and yes, we are aware that there are many more pressing issues to solve in this world.

In any case we hope someone out here will enjoy our little invention...