Taking the plunge and launching Divesangha...

February 10, 2014

Taking the plunge and launching Divesangha...

We are all geared up, with our bums on the rib getting ready to roll back into the water and perform a perfect negative entry. It’s going to be awesome and we know it.

Getting here has not been easy. Choppy waters, some wind and rain on the way but giving up was not an option. So much resolve and effort has gone into planning this adventure.
So here we are, Divesangha, our adventure into divers style.

What is divers style?
You’ll be thinking about black wetsuits that don’t look good even on a top model or goggles that make you look slightly retarded, flippers in funny shapes and an array of tubes going from your back into your mouth. Divers look closer to aliens than to human, so why do we talk about divers style ?

We do because we think divers are special people. Maybe they don’t know they can be cool, we do. We also know they deserve style.

Be special, be a diver and look like a diver.

Take the plunge, follow us on our journey...