Introducing our Calypso collection

February 04, 2016

Introducing our Calypso collection

In a couple of weeks Divesangha will be officially 2 years old. 
It’s a massive milestone for us because launching a clothing company is challenging enough but launching a “Divewear" company when the concept of Divewear isn’t even well defined and the market is so niche must be borderline crazy!

We’ve been through a lot of ups & downs in our first two years and we learned a great deal too. We learned that our sangha is very discerning and loyal, which makes us happy and immensely grateful. We also learned more about the real needs of our diving community and that was a huge inspiration for our new collection, Calypso. 
Calypso will hit our web store at the beginning of March and we couldn’t be more excited.

Our two main inspiration points were the need to discover eco-friendly and highly functional fabrics and the pioneering age of diving, driven by our wish for a design statement.
The first one was easily met by an innovative yarn called ECONYL®, an absolutely wonderful product that comes from 100% regenerated nylon from fish nets and other waste material and produced by Aquafil the leading Italian textile manufacturer we chose to collaborate with.

ECONYL® appeared on the textile industry scene in 2011 and it’s produced by a 50 years old company that has the world’s best know-how when it comes to handling synthetic fibres. It must have been an enlightened decision that made the Bonazzi family, the founders, look into a high-tech regeneration process that is currently producing polyamide 6 (nylon) to make apparel fabrics and carpets. ECONYL® is now a global effort, with many other waste recuperation projects being born from it. One of them is Healthy Seas, an initiative aimed at recovering abandoned fishing nets (10% of all the waste found in the sea and a serious threat to sea life) to then transform them into ECONYL®. It’s a never ending cycle, proved and certified to be sustainable and safe. You can find out more about it here:

ECONYL® based fabrics are not only eco friendly and sustainable, they are actually so beautiful that they redefine the whole idea of “recycled”. Long gone are the days when recycled meant rough and unrefined, we’re already in a new era.

For Calypso we also partnered with another leading Italian textile manufacturer that works with the WWF to protect the Mediterranean sea. They called their fabric system “Sensitive”.
As Divesangha’s main designer - and being Italian myself - it’s been a honour to work with these inspirational companies and we look forward to keep working with them.

Our second inspiration point came from the father of the scuba apparatus, Captain Jacques Yves Cousteau, and the colours of the pioneering era of diving. We named the collection Calypso as a homage to that age, to the unwavering spirit of exploration that captain Cousteau’s voyages and his boat represented.

As designers we decided to wear our revolutionary "bonnet rouge” to introduce new styles, with plenty of blues & reds for a very marine feel. Back into neutral colour territory, we redesigned the traditional rash guard and turned it into a "Water & Sun Guard". We are also introducing swimming shorts for guys that are not quite as tight as swim wear usually is - something we wanted to do for a long time. All our fabrics are indeed eco friendly but also quick-dry and very importantly to us, UV proof. Our Hung Dry system has been updated to be more durable and easier to use. 

Calypso’s packaging is plastic free. Our protective packaging for tops and swim shorts comes from recycled paper and as such should be recycled again. Our paper product tags can double up as name tags or they can be recycled. We also don’t use those nasty plastic barbs to tag our clothes (guess where they could end up once we throw them away).

One last thing…we lowered our prices a bit. 
Our clothes are still designed by us in London and ethically manufactured in the UK.
Here in the UK we’re never faraway from the sea, we love it here.

May our journey to define what Divewear is continue...

Thanks for reading & safe diving,